Disastrous Man

May 12, 2010
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Ugly men thinking they know where truth lies.
They’re not born to wear a suit or carry a tie
Lets put them in our skirts and heels,
They say its just lies.
They say,
It’s the way we move our legs
The point in our hands,
The way our hair is,
Or maybe just our stands.
Damn those men
Disastrous men,
That’s them.

So we flip the screen
Just so that they have the ability to see,
Through our eyes,
Just what we go through
And what we all think we need.
They think like idiots with no clue,
Like unintelligent sloths would be.
They say,
It’s the hair on their legs,
The little muscle in their backs,
The unattractive smile there,
And the education they lack.
Damn those men
Disastrous men,
That’s them.

Do they get it
Why it’s hard being a girl.
We could do a little more
Complaining than that.
We could call you worthless
If you want to talk about facts.
They say,
My skirt is flaring up,
I can’t walk in heels,
My nail is broken,
My pants too tight,
Can I change from a woman
Damn those men,
That’s them.

Women themselves have discovered
What men lack in life.
They try so hard
Fixing it with a card
Not the answer.
When we say just love more
Because they fail at living with strife.
We say,
It’s the T.V shows they watch,
The music they listen to,
The swing of their golfing,
Becoming a damn fool.
Damn those men,
Disastrous men,
That’s them.

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