Oh Yus

May 14, 2010
Yus, I say to every question
silky on my tongue.
“Yus”, I say, eyelashes fluttering around windows to the soul.
Oh I refuse to say yes, the E scraping on my teeth.
Yus I say instead, the U a lull on my breath.
I wrinkle my nose and mutter “yus” to your awkward question,
giggling at your reaction, I say yus again.
Giddy on a bubbly drink that has never touched my lips,
yet I swoon as I murmur “yus”, a world that is beyond pleasant.
I finger my hair shyly, but my eyes are cold,
chilling at your sight, yus warming to the soul.
My expression soon brimming with delight, eyes becoming spring
blooming at your familiar face, lacking the former sting.
“Yus” I say softly, the intoxicating fizz gone,
but it lacks the shallowness that you heard before.
It melted with your song.

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