Sunshine and Shadows

May 23, 2008
The picture was simple at first glance.
It was because the sun hit her face so normally,
the way her hair fell was average,
and the clothes she wore were the same ones she wore everyday.
But the way the shadow played over her smile,
that was made the shot special.
The warm tones and bare feet and shoulders,
let everyone know it was summer,
and the blue sky symbolized that the smile she let through
was the one she only let people see on special occasions.
Everyone was wrapped around her,
you could almost hear their voices coming from behind the lense.
Laughter, oh my dear, the laughter that poured from the frame;
it made everything come alive.
The smell of summer heat,
the sight of clear, cloudless skies,
the sound of bare feet walking on hardened soil,
and the feel of faded blue jeans as they caught on briars by the creek.
Bitter-sweet pain and memories...
Oh how beautiful they were.
Oh how beautiful she was.

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