To them...all the ones we've had

May 23, 2008
By Sarah Smith, Alexis, NC

From a darkened silhouette a song emerges,
slipping under the rows of seats,
past the legs of the people listening,
and into the night.
Smiling he plays a song with no lyrics,
yet everyone can hear the words anyway.
He's playing about her...
How she was the warmth coming from the other side of the matress,
and the footsteps that were next to his in the sand,
about how she was the best part of his life,
and his first true love.
After what seemed like a whirlwind romance,
they were pulled aprt as quickly as they had been together.
He plays saying 'darling i know you're gone, but I still think of you daily',
'we were just kids back then, and yeah...we were foolish'
He movies slightly so the light becomes available to his eyes,
to his smile.
And to his cheeks-covered in an unshaven sheet of dark brown hair.
He lets the rest of the keys fade into the silence,
letting the last words of his unsung song wrap around the audieance.
'I'll always remember you and i will always love you...
He leans forward taking a sip of water as if to soothe his voice,
but before he puts the glass back down he looks at the audience and raises it.
"To them...all the ones we've had"

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