May 23, 2008
Release yourself upon a canvas behind closed eyes.
Scream, roar with every ounce of your might.
Sense the implosion of a dark heart.
Allow the hot green glow of spirit and life to pour out of your mouth, nose, and eyes.
The body is an old limitation,
An outdated prison.
Squeeze through the black cold bars.
Clench your fists.
Let a rush to the head erupt up your spine and continue to pull skyward.
And move.

Feel air rush by your face and let the mind analyze a distant dirt road before you.
Hear the wails of wind rushing by focused ears.
The mind burns and the flesh flares.
The gloom has been ignited.
With an open palm, force your soul through solid concrete floors and steel walls,
To have it emerge white and radiating purity.
Then slow,
Though the urge to move remains.

Return to the dimly lit room.
Head hung low, eyes aimed downward, panting slowly.

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