(From Hence) (It Came)

May 23, 2008
By Jonathan Black, Park Ridge, IL

(picturing your intense eyes)

(closing them, and then opening them again, to see yours)
(holding your hand tightly never wanting to let go)

(having to let go, to hold the back of your head as I lean in to kiss you)
(kissing you on a lonely street corner under the moon and stars)

(a stranger pulls up in a limo asking how much we cost)

(we reply ‘we're too expensive for that which you can afford, for what we have is priceless’)

(turning around to make our way to a place unknown, holding hands in its entirety)
(trembling naught for the cold, but of the intense passion felt between us)

(wishes coming true as we walk down the dark street, even though everything seems bright)
(feeling like there, right where you are, you could stand forever, mystified by the moment and realizing what life truly means)

(you want words to come to you, but none come because of the moment you find yourself in)

(so you look into each others eyes and realize words aren't needed)




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