"Not So Funny"!!!

May 11, 2010
"Not So Funny"!!!

Aaah! Aaah!
Running away
My heart is racing and tears are pouring
The thought of this big red nose trailing me.

Shaking through the day
Thinking about your white face
Biting all nails to cope
in some way.

Very fast I go
Those floppy red shoes still at my toe
Praying this will come to end
To wrap this monster in a cast.

Afraid to close my eyes
That colorful wig burning in my mind
Like a mockingbird I wish I can fly
Hearing that goofy laugh that makes me want to cry.

No! No! please go away
I don't want a balloon animal anyway
With a roaring scream with you end my day
In this life you are here to stay.

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