May 22, 2008
By Haley Howeson, Cameron Park, CA

Better understand the day,
That Jesus took my grandma away.
You will never see my sheepish grin,
Just tears flowing past my chin,
You can never understand the pain,
That took my breath from upon my chest,
As my heart silently flew away.
I hardly comprehend the way,
That I acted on that day,
My father told me his story.
Because you see,
I wasn’t there,
But that did not stop the mourning.
So if you understand my point,
You’ll realize how much it really hurt,
You’ll understand the way I feel,
When I say the passing never stopped the glory,
It just took every heart involved,
And that is a true morning.
To wake up and realize,
Although the pain is hard to bear,
The sun will always rise.

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