Being Tame

May 22, 2008
By lomoeyes BRONZE, San Francisco, California
lomoeyes BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Is there no way out of the mind?"

Everything in my life has been so tame
I've been so lame
I've been so lame
Id tells me how it's such a shame
Yet my kin say how I'm to blame
For all this shame
All along he should have came

I think you told me all your lies
This pain cries
And she will shy
All away from your pathetic sighs
No one here has to die
But I know that I have tried
Eventually I will tell you why
Give me time and please don't pry

I was young when I was a fire starter
Then my heart grew even stronger
To match how your cerebrum is so smarter
Than mine
Than me completely
But touch my chest and cup my breast
Can't you feel it?
The passion that reflects itself in my eyes
Covet it and it will grow stronger
Covet it and it will learn and be smarter
Let it live and it'll be a fire starter

Today I've hugged a dead man's corpse
Loved him with all his sorts
While sitting with him on a high quiet port
Dubbing him my beautiful consort
A consort of all sorts
As he leaned into me and dubbed me his dork
And we whispered little and smiled much
Until I pushed him into the ocean
As an answer to his words
"I wonder what the sea looks like in the view of a stork..?"

Yet I am still in my prime
Biding my time
Biding my time
While I watch a tribe of monks burn alive
Their bodies becoming holy shrines
As I chew on orange rinds
And oh by God I will bind
Myself to them
Blood for blood
Heartache for heartache
Pound for pound
For they know Nirvana's quake
Love, do tell, how does that sound?

At times I eavesdrop on prayers at night
People believing in an invisible entity is one of a kind
Just for them I cross my heart
And hope to die
Or stick a needle in my eye
It's quite a sight, right?
But their dreams are the ones
That give me a fright
Scary sights
Frightful plights
It's times like these I take flight
And jump off cliffs
But wait, I forgot I'm scared of heights
Why can't you let the prince sleep one last time?

I keep all my things in a trunk
I've got spunk
I've got spunk
And I've burried all my pets within this trunk
In the backyard filled with junk
But one night I got awfully drunk
And wished that they were here

Didn't you promise to set me free?
I've never wanted to be crowned Queen Bee
I never wanted these eyes to see
But I always knew I wanted thee
And sometimes it's not good to be
Set me free
Let me be
With my sisters we are three
The Maiden, Mother and Crone
We are three
And I swear when I am free
I will never return

Then one afternoon my eyes did mist
Three days later we found a cyst
Benign or malignant?
Malignant or benign?
In three months I will be fine
But in between my hands became fists
And in between I wrote a list
Of all the things I always did miss
In this life

Now he says there was nothing to believe
With this thought I tried to concieve
It's so suffocating I cannot breath
Thanks to you I can't retrieve
The image I used to sheath
The prayers and the lies
The pets in a trunk and those dead monks
The fire starter hearts and cysts
The corpse for a lover and sisters three
They are real because I can feel
I do believe
I do believe

And I will grow old and bitter and cynical
My condition growing ever so critical
My emotions reaching ever so critical
My soul will become something quite biblical
In the end I will forever be lost
But wait, what hath ye wrought?
For we are one in the same
Once and for all
At the end of this life
I have not been so tame

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