Yesterday I had the grays

May 22, 2008
By Christian Torres, Houston, TX

Yesterday I had the grays.
Not the I loss a job grays,
Or the accusations from my family grays, or the
Depression and loss I was going through grays,
Not even the I got rejected by my relatives grays.
I had the fear of fighting against my weaknesses grays,
The winds of hatred that make me collapse grays,
My grandma’s pain and suffering grays,
The kind of grays that makes you want to
Disappear for a moment from earth.

But today I’ve got the reds.
The determination to build my life up again reds,
The passion to bring my life to a new start reds,
The strength to forgive others reds,
The kind of reds that makes you jump for joy
And shout to the world “I am free forever”
And laugh at things that
Are not even funny.

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