The Dream Car

May 22, 2008
By Nick Germann, Van Wert, OH

I saw a car with a big motor
But this car had six wheels
The car was original and had a big body
Made of leather and black were the seats
Glowing green were the gauges
And shining bright were the lights

Shaped like a dome were the lights
Big and bad was the motor
They were not digital just original gauges
At 22 inches stood the wheels
Hot from the sun were the seats
Candy apple red shone the body

Shining metallic was the body
Tinted blue were the lights
Red and blue inserts had the seats
Plated with chrome was the motor
Wrapped in Pirelli's were the wheels
Black and blue were the gauges

Flickering on slowly were the gauges
1 to 120 went the gauges
Supercharged and very loud was the motor
Ready to speed was the body
From a Mustang came the lights
Made for racing lightweight wheels

Burning rubber off the wheels
Just like racecars were the seats
Classic expensive racing lights
They went all the way, yes the gauges
Shaking violently was the body
Pushed to the max was the motor

All chromed out were the motor and wheels
Inside the body were the seats
Before the lights come the gauges

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