May 22, 2008
How is this fair?
This horrible scheme
Jews in despair
From the nazi regime
I a sinner
To betraeyed eyes
A nazi soldier
What a surprise
Think as you might
I an not to blame
Hitler the snake
Unwill to behave
I dare not call out the almighty one
This system is blasphemy
There's no where to run
I bring you great news
Devil's protegist proclaims
No one saw it coming
Puts Germany to shame
How to get out
Stand with great triumph
Execution is coming
For those who dismay
I care not
I'm tired of running
Surround me with gases
with the taunt so cunning
For me and the jews
We sit on the throne
And Hell is welcome
Where you stand alone
I pitty you fool
With nothing to loose
Germany by the neck
No one refused
I call to the stands
With my great pride
Hitler you son of a gun
You go out and hide
We'll find you be still
We have all hope
The challenge of will
By the neck and rope
For we have united
Your power is done
The "fear" is smited
The good has won

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