Dark Realm

May 22, 2008
By DeWayne Shultz, Jr., Parkesburg, PA

My oasis is a dark place.
I get there by a magic key.
I call my oasis Dark Realm.
I go there when I want to be
alone, I'm up-set, and if I
feel like it.
There is no one there except
when I'm in the Dark Realm and
if I bring a friend or friends.
I will never bring my family
or non-friends.
When I'm in the Dark Realm I
cry, think, read, sit alone.
I'm comforted in the Dark Realm
by a dark place, lit by candles,
as big as I want it, as many
candles as I want, as many seat
as I want, chairs, rocking chairs,
see people that are in the Earth
Realm in any place and they can't
see you, wear what you want, no
sounds except from me or my friends,
candles, or the people you are
watching in the Earth Realm,
and have powers.
The smell of candles.
When I'm in the Dark Realm
I think about feelings, friends,
thoughts, and people.
This is my

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