true love

May 12, 2010
i know you're in love
because when push comes to shove
you show up within minutes
like a white messenger dove

you always know what to day
even if outside its gray
if its only one word
it still makes my whole day

i know you dont want her
i know that for sure
you'll never have to tell me,
which one you prefer

i know she won't get over it
she just cant seem to admit
that you love me
she needs to reilize that you guys split

shes just jealous
& its easy to notice
but its to bad
because no one can break up

when you put your hands around my waist
i feel like my problems are erased
when you hold my hand
i feel like we're laced
i love you
youre all i value
well stay together till the end
as long as we dont cross an issue

you the one i adore
everyday i love you more
im so extatic
that you're finally done with that w****

when i look in to your eyes
you prove youre better than all guys
but when you walk away
a part of me dies

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