Im Not The Hero

May 22, 2008
By Jessica S., Parkesburg, PA

Now the silence
Now the pain
It broke my heart
Spread like a disease

Saving them
Is saving innocence

Don't let him fill your heads
Life is lofe no matter what you are

I wear their pride

I hold it high

My soul belongs to them

I might be the one in uniform

The one to help them up

Have they fallen for who they are?
Have they lost pride for who they are?

They have not

They will not

But look at them

Through all their hardships

Their courage shines upon them

They show me what it is to breathe

Now i can see

I imagine their pain
They must have known their doom
They stuck it through
Holding their heads by a neck
Connected to a broken backbone

The one who started this

May he catch sight of his sins

You may live in peace now Jews
You may wear a golden medal
of all you are, and who you are

I am not the hero
You are my heroes

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