She Is...

May 22, 2008
By Ray cunneen, Columbia, MO


She Is...
Her skin... the oceans beauty
Her eye's... the abyss of life...fear, joy, pain, ecstasy
Her hair...the infinite love we posses
Her smile... indescribable
Her beauty... the pure essence of it all
She is...
All that I am,
All that I want to be,
Everything I have worked for,
Our love...
Protector of all good and bad,
The current of joy
Springing from all we stand for,
Let the eternal beauty
Run from her veins,
She is...
What I fail to be,
What I haven't yet become,
When I walk; she runs
When I cry; she smiles
Her pain is my fear,
My sorrow, her nightmares
My smile is her way home,
The light to our future...
Rest in this eternal bond
Forever forged from our love,

Finished January 28th 2008

She is...
Whispers in the wind,
My invisible shield
The undying promise...
Unknown within us lays our power,
Unbreakable to life's burdens
Reachable through her eyes...
She is...
The darkness purged from my soul
The forgotten cure,
She is...
The passion within life,
The burden I acknowledge,
Life's most underestimated enchantment,
Forever forgotten…
Forever remembered,
Understood only by Time itself,
Nature's unseen presence posses us
Forces us inevitably forward,
Life will win...we will win
She is...
My Love
My Life

She is...

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