May 22, 2008
By Amber White, West Columbia, TX

Remember,remember those cold days you sat alone with no warmth nobody there to keep you warm?

Do you remember when life was like the ink in your pen, flowing like the blood in your veins but stopping as soon as you run out, run out of life, out of breath from running away and getting choked up by the many things you were running from?

Remember the losses in your life the things you really wanted, but had left you in the dark just to delete you from their memories, the things you didn't need and just wend you off to another challange.
Remember when you slept on a wet pillow stained with your own tears from the scars that were being torn open again with all the extra time on your hands?

Remember what love is, the thing that makes your heart glow, but then turns into a candle that has been blown out and the wax is now running through your body burning holes through the heart that once loved? Remember because it will be something you'll do through your whole life, something that life cant, how can i put this, live without. But remember you have good memories too so live through your memories. Remember?

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