i love pens

May 12, 2010
By Anonymous

you come in many colors
but only cost a few dollars
& you look just stunning
in pockets of shirts with collars

some people chew on you
don't tell me you haven't been in glue
im sure you highly dred
being stepped on my a size 10 shoe

you can write a lie
cause ink poisining & die
or have a race with yr best friend
& simply get a tie

when you run out of ink
i seriously wanna scream "you stink!"
believe me, i'd say it so fast
you couldnt even blink

i love the way you write
but unfortunetly i just might
have to tell you
how truley say i am to say, goodnight

The author's comments:
uhmmmm, i was laying in bed geeked on pills & wanted to write a poem.

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