competing with the prom queen

May 22, 2008
By tiffany Buban, Mystic, IA

Competing with the Prom Queen

She’s everything you want and nothing I can be,
How can I compete with the prom queen?
She’s pretty, popular, funny, and smart,
I’m just an average girl with nowhere to start.

I see the way you laugh with her,
And look into her eyes.
You say what you two had is over,
But I see through your disguise.

I want the parts of you that she still has,
I want all your heart, not just half.
The way she has you makes me sick,
You’re wrapped around her finger and tightening quick.

The situation we’re in is quite a fix,
I want you to be done with her and over it.
I’ll wait for you until you’re ready,
‘cause I can’t stop my love for you from growing.

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