May 12, 2010
Every time you broke my heart
I tried not fall apart
As two friends that cannot brake apart
And always try again to start
Like love, no one can take us apart
But there is always a good part
There is always a friendship chart,
When you try to start again
Your name shows up in pain,
Too many parts
Too many starts
When will it be over?
But you always say that we have to start over.
Many times I which I just can turn the page over
But I cannot do that forever,
One time it will have to stop
But will your heart pop?
Like love & Pop.
Many years had passed
And you haven’t think fast
Afraid to say good bye
But it is just another lie.

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hondurian,creep said...
Jun. 4, 2010 at 8:19 pm
I think I have some spelling misstakes but what ever :)
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