Do You See Him?

May 22, 2008
Do you see him?
Over there!
He’s standing right in front of you…
No? Well, maybe I’m just imagining things.
Probably the dark night sky and the strange mist are fooling me…
Wait! I feel something,
Upon my shoulder.
I turn around to find him.

Do you see him?
He is right in front of me!
How can you not see this creature?
A creature? No that can’t be
He’s too beautiful to be called a creature
But how can I tell?
His body changes every time the wind passes by
And mixes the mist around to confuse my sight.
I don’t know who or what this is.
But this must be a dream.
For no one can see but me.

Do you see him?
He’s holding up my head
And lays his cold lips upon my forehead.
This is no dream. And he is no creature.
He is an angel.
And only I can see him
Standing next to me.
No one can see but me.

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