The Man who made beautiful the Sistine Chapel

May 22, 2008
By Paige Sredin, Lemont, IL

Painting and working through blood sweat and tears
Michelangelo stood strong for all four years
They said “he’ll never finish”
He never does
We wonder what kind of a man he really was
Raised in a Catholic family
Absolved of vice
Michelangelo would do what ever it took,
Pay any price.
He worked it out, they thought he was mad
He wanted to prove them wrong, to show them what he had
Coming back to Rome
miles and miles away from home(Caprese)
struggling to keep the falling paint on the ceiling
I just couldn’t imagine how he was feeling
He painted that ceiling he never stopped
He did prove them wrong
All jaws were dropped
His work was complete
Now one of the elite
Hundreds of years after his life
People come from all over to admire his strife
He had no love
No one to call his own
But we still come to admire his work
Where for four years he made his home

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