Never Could She See

May 22, 2008
By Jackie Kulis, Lemont, IL

Never could she see,
In a world of darkness.
Stuck with blindness where eyes would never blink.
Not even seeing her own mother's face,
Or the colors that spring brings upon us,
Never gets the chance to see the beauty of a sunset disappearing across the oceans crashing waves.
Never could she see her own child's birth,
Or merely get a glimpse into a mirror to fix an out of placed hair.
She couldn't see the world around her.
Never could she see, but have you ever thought sometimes seeing is a sense we don't need?
To look around to see the faces of evil and hatred,
To watch a tragedy happen right before your eyes,
To see death and suffering all around the world,
Sometimes seeing doesn't always meet the eye.
When you're eyes are locked down for the rest of your life,
You have the ability to control your sight,
You get to create your own world to see.
It may not be the same as what's put on the table in front of you,
But it's the way you want it to appear.
When you think you're blind and alone, think again.
'Cause there's a whole other world waiting for you.
Never could she see because she looked beyond the human eye.

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