I Miss You Baby

May 22, 2008
My little boy was only seven years old,
When the good God took him away.
Since that day my world has been bitter cold,
I’m not sure I’ll ever be okay.

He fought for his life and was so strong,
But the cancer was spreading too fast.
He was ill with this disease for so long,
And his time wasn’t going to last.

Why did the cancer take over my dead Kevin?
Every night before I go to bed there is something I must do.
I hope he can hear me from all the way up in heave,
Because every night I whisper, “I love you.”

Hey mom, I wish you could hear me because I can hear you,
God has done the right thing since the pain is gone.
I wish you could hear my whispers, “I love you too”,
And please stop crying from dusk till dawn.

Now I can do all the things I've wanted to do down there,
I play baseball and got chose to be on the Angels team.
I hear you every night shed a tear,
But now I can finally be living my dream.

The hardest part about this is not being with you,
When it’s your time I’ll meet you at the gate.
Just remember all the good times went through,
Today isn’t the day to be together but I will forever wait.

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bieberl0ve15 said...
May 8, 2011 at 9:03 pm
Wow, this was great.
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