Hansel and Gretel: The Real Story

May 10, 2010
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I’ve really been cast off as a bad egg
And I am happy for the chance to tell my side
About the day when those two annoying kids
Started eating my house with their mouths open wide!

They came out of nowhere, I’d never expected
To be visited by such little brats.
They trespassed on my property and
Began acting like scavenging rats!

What else was I to do?
I had to stop the crazy kids!
If I didn’t, they would’ve continued eating
Until their stomachs were full up to their eyelids!

I ushered them inside,
They needed punishment
For trying to destroy my home
And forcing me to move to an apartment!

But now the story has been all mixed up
By those lying little snots
Making me off as an evil witch
When I truly am not!

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