May 22, 2008
A simple procedure-
Or so they said
Yet one little mistake
Almost left me dead
They said sorry
But how far can that go?
I mean, aren’t doctors the ones
That are supposed to know?
I was scared enough already
Getting my kidney removed
So I put my faith in the doctors
Though assurance through them was not proved
“I think we took out the wrong kidney…”
“I’m sorry, did I hear that right?”
This was how the conversation started,
And how it turned into the fight
“We’ll have to go back in operation”
“But she just got out!”
“I know we’ll get it right this time…”
My mother tried not to shout
At first, my mom was upset
But eventually, she forgave
She told me once again good luck
To close my eyes, and be brave
So after the hospital apologized
They took me right back
Assuring me there would be no problems
Any mistakes; a machine would track
I can not trust anyone,
But if I don’t, it’s certain I’ll die
So hopefully, they’ll get it right this time
Because they won’t get another try

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