The End

May 10, 2010
Everything from the beginning
has come to an end.
Everything that has gone up,
will eventually come back.
But not this, this doesn't have to end.
Our story doesn't need a few lines of poetry.
Our story needs an end.
Thinking about not everything ends.
The sun still shines,
the moon will still set
every day and every night
their beauty will combine,
making someone with the greatest love ,
feel love-less.
The sun will never leave the clouds
the moon wont turn its back on the stars.
Every word I speak
Every sentence I scream
everything that I will always say
will have a reference to those tears i shed.
You, this was all your fault
I whispered to you those words
those simple lines
that honest word.
But this will end,
and everything always ends.
You wont notice it ,
it wont be drastic
the sun will still shine
the moon will still set.
The only difference will be
is that you will never forget,
and i will never forgive.

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