Dear Santa

May 22, 2008
Destination: To the North Pole,
Nice gets presents, naughty gets coal.
This letter is to old St. Nick,
I promise you this will be quick.
I want a Barbie with blonde hair,
And i want a big teddy bear.
The game of Life along with Clue,
And a book of Winnie-the-Pooh.
The American Girl Molly,
Will make my Christmas quite jolly.
A Wii, Nintendo, PS2,
Every animal in the zoo.
Swing set, doll house, a new CD,
Some money for a shopping spree.
Moon shoes, a puppy, an iPod,
With the DVD Sweeny Todd.
I want a pony and a bike,
Don't give me them, then take a hike.
I'll leave Santa milk and a treat,
Watch 102nd street,
Christmas morn' is gonna be sweet!

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