Help Me

May 22, 2008
By Krystal Sokolis, Lemont, IL

Help me!

Help me
I am Mixed and mangled
And Far from the truth
It calls from this newly created image of teen styled youth.
It’s all about beauty and fame.

Perfect hair, perfect smile
Not so perfect if not in style
Skinny jeans,
Oh, it’s in the scenes

Brown hair
What were you thinking?
Red hair
My reputations’ shrinking.
Blonde, it’s in this week
Next week who knows?
More celebrities’ who do it, the faster the trend grows

Us weekly became my sin,
That’s my reasons for being so thin.
Anorexia, hey it’s in.

I am mangled in the search for acceptance from my peers,
Who only provide me with lonely tears.
I just want life to not be about,
Beauty and Fame or the vision of my skeleton frame
So please,
I beg of you
To help me!

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