Roses are Red, Spiders are Black

May 10, 2010
I saw the roses in the meadow
saw the roses on the street
they marked red on every land
stood still in ever hand

They followed me around
left trails of glowing petals on the ground
but they're all gone now...

Stems stand looped towards the south
with the missing red heads nowhere to be found

Have you any clue where they've gone?
any sense of it at all?

I see spiders in the meadow
see spiders on the street
they mark black on every land
crawl feverishly around every hand

They creep over my sullen skin
leave traces of white specks on the ground
They're all around...

They're hidden behind tall shadows
snuck between broken concrete
plant their curious nests'
and leave behind the unborn pests
to grow within your stained flesh

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