The Best Way Is Away

May 10, 2010
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Roar is the sound that it makes
Hair wild looking steady waiting patiently for its prey
Lays in grassy areas
And rest half the day

Paw too huge to walk light
Bottom of paws dark even darker without light
Roars loud like the sound of a river
Smooth as it moves you couldn’t see it quicker

Crowned in the jungle many creatures fear him
Cubs and lioness are the closest to get near him
Bright like the sun, cools as a cucumber
Creates new lives like a man with a woman

Teeth sharp like mountain tops
Nose snotty triangular shape
Eyes are very clear
Innocent this cat looks

Sweaty at the palms
Shaky at the knees’
Talking with a slur, can’t barely breathe
I rather stay away until this loud creature leaves

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