The World is a Playground

May 22, 2008
The world is a playground
But without swings and slides
Instead it has jobs, workers, and lies
A playground is a place in which you have fun
The world is the same, except you have none

The playground is school, middle and high
Adulthood is later and when ask “why?”
“Why didn’t I try and do my best?”
“Instead I went out and had fun on my quests”

Now is the time for reflection and thinking
“Why couldn’t I have stayed home instead of going drinking?”
The world is harsh and forgives few mistakes
You have to give in and do whatever it takes
Put in hard work and you will receive
The greatest reward whenever you leave

Worship the God that gave life to this earth
And forever in heaven will you reap the rebirth
The Savior and Lord that blessed you and me
At Last! At Last! Finally I’m Free!

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