where im from

May 22, 2008
By stewart jackson, Littleton, CO

One Sip of Me

I am from organic cereal and healthy soap.
I am from the cold and frigid water of the lake that bites your skin on a summer morning.
I’m from the little swing that sits on the cotton wood tree waving in the cold wind of the night.

I am from talk-a-lots and big appetites,
From the Chicago River to the Red sea. I am from “prove your point” to “ya what ever”. I’m from little Trolls and Hot wheels which occupied a curious

I’m from smart doctors and artsy women.
From Greek food and full bellies that cant bare one last

From the mahogany cabinet in our family room that is filled with family memories and passed down traditions. Theses things shape me and cut a path with a noble
sword that will lead me and remind me
where I’m from.

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