Blood sucking bugs

May 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Blood sucking bugs I can’t stand to see.
I can’t even tell you how they eat.
The thing I know is they will suck the blood out of you
And move on for the next few…..

Moving from…
Place to place…
Ground to ground…
Body to body…..
It makes my soul crawl.

Blood sucking bug I can’t stand to see.

Inside the flesh,
Around the wound
Blood sucking bugs love the juice.
They vexes me with a passion
Black, eight legged freak.
If I ever come across one I would scream for relief.

Because of their blood sucking ability
They would never touch me physically.

Blood sucking bugs make me itch.

Even talking about them makes me twitch
Thinking about them makes me sick.

Blood sucking bugs make me itch.

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