The Danger of Gossip

May 23, 2008
By Keith English, Hoffman Estates, IL

My body stays cut, it bleeds till it dies
A gaping hole which coagulates lies
It’s strictly opinion or scandal or noise
This cut keeps drowning casually destroys
My brain feeds this gash from my tongue to my lip
The blood rains on friends who drown unequipped
And scandals which pour, from every inch of this hole
Fulfills whole worlds, consumes their whole soul
It drips on your shirt while it bleeds on you
It drowns every truth and makes it untrue
It bleeds on the love and it bleeds on the hate
It drips when it’s early it drips when it’s late
It’s gaping its pink, it bleeds out your head
I wish I could take back the words that I said
My mouth is the cut which bleeds till I die
It continues bleeding an endless supply
And the rumors we spread whether large or subscripts
Will drown every name which seeps through your lips

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