I Am

May 23, 2008
By Amy Alexandria Ramos, Denver, CO

I am a lonely wolf
Searching for her howl
Moonstruck ponds reflect dim light
To help me on my prowl
I am a single winged dove
Shattered heart, left all alone
Grim clouds dissipate into sky-blue
And all around me sunshine flows
I hear the rumbling of a
Thousand vulgar laughs
Chuckling at my insecure faults
And in my head I wish me dead
To give satisfaction to them all
I am a dying ember
Left to die out on the floor
No shouts or words are spoken
As my life becomes no more
I am a single star remaining lonesome
In the midnight-sky
Wishing dearly I’d have someone
To hold me while I cry
I realize my only mistake
Was living
Now what am I to do?
Too many times I’ve tried and failed
I’ll never be like you

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