Gwendeline Sue

April 24, 2010
By AnyBellCue BRONZE, Lexington, South Carolina
AnyBellCue BRONZE, Lexington, South Carolina
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This is the tale, a tale of the end-
Of the story of Gwendeline Sue
Or all that was worthy, and roses, quoth she-
For romanticist readers like you.

One day, one moment, one memory in May-
Where waters and skies were blue.
Young McKinley McFadden fell into a bucket-
Of stuff with Gwendeline Sue.

"My, this is sticky! But it sure is not icky-
This stuff that I've fallen into.
Sweet Gwen, what is this? I cannot tell-
For it seems I am blinded by you."

"Oh, squee!" quoth she, "Could it be?-
That he feels this swell stuff too?"
"I think," quoth he, so very gingerly-
"I have fallen in love with you."

And so passed that day, and that month of May-
With Gwen, and McKinley too.
Joyful, careful, fanciful and merciful-
Was the heart of Gwendeline Sue.

Never once did McKinley avert his eyes-
From that beautiful girl that he knew.
He decked her with roses, songs, and proses-
For he adored that Gwendeline Sue.

"There is no other," quoth he, "No creature-
More lovely as the sky is blue.
Or more dear to me, or could surpass-
the love that I feel for you."

Thus June had arrived, an on a trip-
On a plane, young Gwendeline flew.
But a horrid thing happened, a mishap of a kind-
Which rendered young Gwen's face new.

Soon she returned, to her friend and her love-
And McKinley gasped, a cry he threw!
And for the first time, his eyes looked away-
For she was no longer the love he knew.

And alas, he could peer into the bucket-
Of stuff he had fallen into.
"Ah," sighed he, "this was not love, then-
Farewell, good Gwen. Adieu."

And McKinley, young McKinley, he left her alone-
That beautiful girl he once knew.
From Gwen, young Gwen, walked away not one-
But her love and her best friend too.

The author's comments:
This silly, yet symbolic and depressing poem tells the tale of a tragic imbalance of love and lust.

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