Why We Are Done

April 24, 2010
By Hannahbanana11 BRONZE, Merrillville, Indiana
Hannahbanana11 BRONZE, Merrillville, Indiana
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You hang up the phone
I listen to the static
I tell myself it's fine
But in truth, I've had it

I'm done with waiting by the phone
And praying that you'll call
I'm sick of riding oh so high
And then bracing for the fall

If you want to break it off
Then for God's sake, do it already
You won't leave me hanging anymore
Because I need something steady

And I know, I've said it all before
And yes, those were all lies
But I swear, now it's for real
Time has made me wise

If you called right now, I wouldn't answer
Or at least, I'd let my words run free
I wouldn't be afraid to hurt you
As you've done so many times to me

And without warning, I'd hang up
I'm done with cherishing your voice
That's be the end of whatever we had
And it would all be on my choice

Face it, it's not the same anymore
It used to be so easy
Now it's different, are we different too?
You're not the person you used to be

We saw each other every day
We talked to each other all the time
Now there's so much work involved
And most of it seems to be mine

I told myself you didn't change
And alright, maybe you didn't
It's us, our connection, that has changed
And now everything is different

We're not even friends anymore
Friends call when they make the commitment
I really don't know what we are
All I know is that I hate it

You never call back, you hang up too soon
You could never be the one
You make up excuses, and you'll never love me
And that's why we are done

The author's comments:
This is pretty personal. It's actually about this guy friend I had. I really liked him, and we used to talk all the time, even after we went to different schools, but then he just stopped calling. I really tried to keep in touch, but it never worked out.

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