My Wish

May 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Everybody tries to boss me around
I'm here to do what God made me to do
It turns my smile to a frown
Nobody has a clue
I'm always trying to fit in
They always call me four eyes
I'm always the first to put my work in the bin
Time is flying by
Not enough time to save the world
Their always being cruel
I'm only a girl
They make me look like a fool
I feel like I'm alone
Everybody's starting to turn on me
They think their cool
They show me no respect
Which makes me feel bad
They don't know the affect
Of what it does to make me sad
They don't know what I'm going through
I feel like a huge door just closed on me
When I'm feeling blue
It's like I'm sinking in the sea
I thought they were there for me
Until they started making fun
They think the found the key
Until they threw my heart into the sea
I wish they inderstood
What I'm going through
I wish they were my friends
That's my wish

The author's comments:
this is how i was feeling one day when someone was making fun of me

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