Reality Bites

May 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Everyday's the same,
theres no one new to blame,
about the way life's turned out,
its all your fault,
theres just no doupt,

My lifes like a rollar coaster,
just keeps going lower and lower,
im afraid of it getting much steeper,
dont think i can dig much deeper,
just wanna get out of this ditch i call my life,

Piling, pling, piling on top me,
so much stupidity you cant see me,
once a life of love and laughter,
no such thing as happily ever after,

Cinderella got her slipper,
Peterpan has Neverland,
but when the pixi dust fails,
and the slipper breaks,
Neverland dissapears,
along with the prince,

Wonderland is gone,
the flowers sing no song,
the looking-glass is cracked,
Alice wont be going back,
this world is a bore,
let sleeping beauty snore,

theres no one new to blame,
for everdays the same,
in this world of my own,
once a place of beauty and play,
now all you see is death and decay,

Reality bites,
so turn out the lights,
theres no more pity,
in this dying city,

So make up your wills,
and swallow those pills,
theres only one way out of this nightmare we call 'life',
this misery we call 'living'.

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