"Lady Eclipse"

May 8, 2010
Et tu, Brute?
One of the people I held close to my heart
had the nerve to betray me.
It's hard for me to comprehend,
to understand,
I tell you now what a piece of work
is a man.

But that's okay, that's alright
I'll give him a gift so fierce
he'll cry all the days and nights.
"To be or not to be"-
I choose to be a Black Widow
worse than the spider on the tree.

Shake his world, rock his life
my revenge is a sweet dream,
shaping to be his worst, sudden reality.
It'll seem spontaneous
but there's a method in the madness
to the little games I play.
Lord, what fools these mortals be-
mistaking my kind heart to be one that's

Why hurt me?
why hurt yourself?
I ask to myself if what I'm doing is too tough?
Nay, I say, the pain he endures will never
be enough.
The green-eyed monster
got ahold of him tight
so he screwed me over
and walked away, falsely claiming blind sight.
O, what men dare do!
Lie, cheat, steal
and expect me not to react?
Not a good move
on the chessboard of his life.

On his knees, begging for forgiveness
but my mind is made:
Off with his head!
Glance at his corpse, shaking my head.
Another pawn in the game is dead.
He was MY bishop, my ace, my right hand
but being a female in this game,
I gotta be tougher than a man.

I will buy with you
Sell with you
Talk with you
But I'm not one easily wooed.
Have to be on my game, at all times
or I lose my empire.
Or worse, I die.
Think you I am no stronger than my sex?
What a fool's choice.
Only a blinking idiot
would challenge my throne.
Give me my robe, put on my crown-
I'm the queen that runs this town.

When it's all said,
when it's all done,
he was done to a death
"By a slanderous tongue."

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