A Sad Truth

April 29, 2010
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She lived down the street frome me
Amy was her name
None knew her it was easy to see
But she was loved all the same

She was a mystry to us all
But her sadness we could see
Not a picture on her wall
Or her true love, you see

She spoke of her love so true
Of a man so grand and glad
But we never saw him, was he true?
She was soon declared mad

She was heavily drugged
Hospital became her home
But they were no good, the med
And her true love did come

Oh how wrong could we be
For her heart gave out at dawn
Before her true love she could see
It is a tragedy she is gone

Her true love did mourn
He could live no more
He was ever so torn
We found his body by the door

Oh how wrong could we be
For two lives we did take
This is my biggest mistake
It is a tragedy you see

Our town no longer is
This tragedy has ruined us all
A sad shadow it is
For now we all fall

On hells door we did knock
When it's our time to leave here
God will push us off the rock
To the devils embrace's near

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