My Father’s Briefcase

October 18, 2007
It’s a mystery, whatever’s in there
Probably something special
Since he takes it everywhere
“Don’t go near my briefcase son”
That’s what he always says’
But to me, this is a game
I need to see what’s in there
And I won’t stop until I’m done
I get closer and closer until
“Get away and now you’re grounded,” he said
“It’s important business stuff
Now go to your room and straight to bed”
I think and I think until I think of a way
I start to nod off
Hoping this plan will work
This plan is perfect
I’ll see what’s in there the next day
He gets home from work and goes to shower
He placed the briefcase on his bed
I crawl towards it, slowly
So long it felt like an hour
I grab it and run for the door
“Who’s there?” my dad asks
I get to my room and turn the lock
And place the briefcase gently on the floor
I open it up
And I was amazed
To see some business papers
Now I give up
There’s a knock at the door
“Open up,” he says
I obey and let him in
He takes it back
Picking the papers up off of the floor
“I’m disappointed
But I hope you’ve learned something”
And he walked away
And now I know the mystery of my father’s briefcase

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