The Wind Is Coming

October 18, 2007
It goes through trees, searching for purpose
Going through the streets
The wind is coming

From tickling the faces of toddlers in the winter cold,
To visiting the nursing home to visit the elderly
The wind is coming

When there are storms, it’s all around
Getting lost in the rush of the weather
The wind is coming

Always going from place to place to make people happy
Taking away that feeling of sorrow
The wind is coming

So gentle but yet, so strong
You know it can’t be far
The wind is coming

It’s coming to you and me
To everyone everywhere
The wind is coming

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FluffeeKittee said...
Dec. 2, 2009 at 4:15 pm
Your poem has some great imagery, and your diction using repetition was really amazing. Thanks for sharing your great poem.
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