I throw the ball

October 18, 2007
By Michael Joint, Bath, NY

I throw the ball, zipping through the air
Into his Crosse he catches it. He makes a move,
Eyes darting, looking for a chance. Running like a lion
On the prowl, watching waiting, a lane is open. Going in
For the kill; stopped dead in his tracks.

Defender out of nowhere, forcing a pass,
Not letting go. The ball is gone but the
Two Wrestle As if defending life.
A third joins as it rises from the ground, I find myself
Darting to join and defend the man I call brother.

Three becomes four as I drop the third to the ground,
Four becomes five and five into six. The bench is empty,
As a fight becomes a brawl, coaches charge in an attempt
To defuse the battle of the season.

The end arriving, not a moment soon,
All stand and walk away. Damages assessed,
Words swapped, and problems fixed. Tension
Is high on the battle field, but the fight is over,
And not a person has won.

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