Like A Vapor

May 4, 2010
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I shield my eyes
From the onslaught of
Various gusts of wind
Differed by only fractions of speed.
My hands hold on tight
Refusing to let go of
My seatbelt’s last twine
As I embrace the torn seat.
My head begins to bob
From left to right
As the car slowly plummets
Into the pitch-black of night.
My legs and feet start to throb
As the metal closes in tight.
I can feel the tears build to a sob
And I can scarcely see the light.
The sirens from the distance
Sound the alert and send the call.
The police show up
Total devastation
Where to start?
Eternal pause.
My thoughts race
Filled with memories from the past.
My heart nearly drops
As my lungs begin to collapse.
I look up to meet
The shattered glass
And torn shards and sheets
Of metal and fabric
Once in place
But now lost in utter chaos and havoc.
I barely notice my pulse
As I lie there…gone
Unable to comprehend the amount of blood lost.
I settle back and close my eyes
Expecting to find
A peace, a comfort
A joy long gone,
As my body gives the signal
No more
My time has come.
The crowd around my body once alive
Begins to congregate at the sight before their eyes.
A crash, an accident
An event unable to predict,
News broadcast
Headline, front page incident.
The people eventually leave
And the mess finally cleaned.
Years go by
But no one can recall
The man in that crash…
Life is but a vapor,
A pretty quote;
And a cautious verse.
Unfortunately the message hit too late,
And my life is gone,
Just as the smoke,
I am dispersed
And lost forevermore
Is now my state.
A vapor…..
Is now my state
A vapor…
A vapor…

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