The Road To Hope

May 4, 2010
By donsmith18 GOLD, King George, Virginia
donsmith18 GOLD, King George, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"behind every great man, there's a woman rolling her eyes."-jim carey

The trees seem to sink into the dark outline of the sky.
The sun rays break through the crevices
And pierce the vicinity about my eye.
The light consumes every part of my body;
Head, feet, legs and limbs.
Every error illuminated, magnified.
As well as every single conviction related to sin
The crimson colored light shines deep within my soul;
the fire begins to stir as my blood starts to roll.
Up to my heart, distributed throughout my veins.
Coiling and carrying the hurt, the lies, depression and pain.
The notion begins to soothe my thoughts,
And offers a sense of ease.
The warmth from the morning star
In time begins to offer peace.
This road I have traveled for far too long,
Suddenly splits in two.
My legs start to quiver from the uproar,
And my lips begin to tremble
As I slowly lose what is left of my couth.
I look up shielding my eyes from the bright reality.
I see down the path I have come
And wonder why I still seek answers
That have so clearly blinded me.
Up the road, down pass the creek
I can see the fatal rushing tides
Waiting to catch my feet.
The pressure begins to build in my mind,
The cool breeze starts to blow.
I look down once more for some direction
And then I turn toward the hill
Ever so slow.
A mountain, a valley
A situation to say the least.
Do I rise to meet the challenge?
Or fall to the ground right to my knees.
Decision call for action
And thoughts prompt caution, a choice
Listen to the sounds of the water reaching high tide
Or follow the song
Hiding in her voice.
She is beautiful, elegant and sweet.
Her presence is like no other,
Truly unique and obsolete.
Her name forgotten within the trek,
But I do believe I once new her so
Before I started this journey
And brought my heart to wreck.
Throughout the years she has moved accordingly,
Once at the top, above the rest
And now as low as the sea grows deep.
Her appearance is stunning,
Her words so smooth
Her eyes glisten like the evening sky,
And her love nearly breaks,
As her message begins to move.
She has cared, given and strived,
For as long as I have walked, or run.
Her name, never forgotten,
But her purpose is almost done.
Be a strong tower,
A fortress of strength.
Be help in the time of need,
And release from the pain.
Give when not required,
Listen beyond concern.
Help when you need,
And stand though you should deter.
This was her goal, her objective of sorts.
Be there when no one could,
And teach a lesson without the use of a sword.
The only way to break the current flow,
Submit to the one that controls the rushing water,
And he who runs the show.
Lay down your pity, your deceptions and lies
Rise to the occasion
This is your last chance at life.
Realize your future has but two ways to go,
Up into the clouds and sky so blue,
Or down where the fire never dies
And death is all you know.

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on Apr. 14 2011 at 1:06 pm
donsmith18 GOLD, King George, Virginia
15 articles 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"behind every great man, there's a woman rolling her eyes."-jim carey

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