Where's Mine

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Where's the one that
i can call my own?
the one who will
always be by my side

Everytime I try to open up
he leaves
I keep telling myself
never again
I've been hurt so many times
by the others

They told me that they loved me
but they really didnt mean it
I always gave them my everything
but still they walked away from me

Now here I am sitting
in this cold dark room
staring out the window
at the bright moon
shining so beautifully
in the night sky

Thinking about how
all of the others
that came before you hurt me
but the pain just isnt the same
I really loved him

The tears start
slowly running down my cheeks
as I sit here thinking
"Where's mine?"
"Where's my chance at love?"

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