April 28, 2010
Does anybody know what it means anymore?
It’s constantly used,
But meaningless and pointless.
People reveal their feelings with it.
“I love you”
They’re three words full of sentiment.
There isn’t a precise definition,
But it’s full of strength and power.
It melts icy hearts,
When meant by another.
It proves that distance isn’t an obstacle,
Because the feeling is so great.
It creates sensations,
And makes people feel like they’re forever
And always a champion.
It’s addicting.
Love is rough, and hard to find.
Once it’s obtained, whoa. ..
You’re in for a ride.
Love is an enchantment.
It’s a greater spell than any.
It’s a process, a series of events,
But overall… worth it.
It can never be defined,
And no description can reveal the feeling.
Love is love.

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