A Sacred Feeling of Love

October 17, 2007
By Alicia Sau, Westminster, CA

I caught the fire that swarmed his eyes,
He stared right back, to my surprise.
I knew a love was bound afoot,
That love we shared with my heart he took.

We walk together, hand in hand,
The love we boast was rather grand,
Was love at first sight
That I've come to understand.

But all that changed on that first gaze,
I caught his glance straying away,
Away to her, my wretched enemy,
Who I can't help but hate heedlessly.

He pulls me aside, I knew in his mind,
That the love we shared was falsely pretensified.
"I'm sorry; I know this is not what you wish."
"It's okay; I knew it would come to this."

Though my heart remains void,
And filled with hate,
There is something I can't deny,
A feeling I can't debate.

I may say I hate you,
but in reality,
I'm still in love with you.

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